Change is the only permanent thing in life

Looking at the recent developments in the aircraft industry, I am triggered to develop enclosed thesis:

  • The Aerospace industry is undergoing dramatic changes that are undermining long established business practices and questioning the foundations of the past success of many players in the value chain.
  • The rules of the industry will change, existing players will disappear if they do not adapt.
  • The shifting paradigm presents many similarities which we¬†already witnessed in other industries, offering the opportunity, to leverage tried and tested strategies and tools successfully deployed in other domains such as Automotive, Electronics, Photo, etc.

A Little Better Every Day

Excellence in areospace has been with us from the start of the industry. From humble beginnings to the impressive record of the aerospace industry today, pushing the envelope to higher and higher performance is part of the DNA of all aerospace philosophy and practice.

Now the time has come for the aerospace industry to fully adopt and embrace the philosophy of Operational Excellence in manufacturing as well. Therefore, we have started this blog to put out some ideas, questions and statements about what it takes us in the aerospace industries to improve ever more. We want to start with the motto from Lean Management:

A little better every day.

Wish you all much fun and success in discussing new and exciting ideas and practices and hope for your active participation in the Aerospace Excellence blog.