Project Management as internal Success Factor for further Development

According to sophistication of project management, you can see how mature an
organization is in executing their undertakings. Via further development of project
management also the responsible managers and teams start to develop and consequently
also the organization. The more transparent work and steering are, the more successful an
organization will be. Automatically also the internal culture develops in a positive direction.
Project management contains different methods and tools (time management,
communication, risk management etc.), but breeding ground for all those are the following 3 principles:


The methods of project management are required in any case, but they have to be used
adequately for the particular undertaking. Also for smaller endeavors eg. risk management
with its fundamental requirements is needed, but it will be setup smaller and less
automated than in a huge program, consisting out of several work streams or projects.
Like also in other management tasks adequate tools and levers are success guarantors.


The project management has to be detached from its line management role during the
lifespan in a sufficient manner. It is required that enough focusing and time are present, in order to lead the team, measure and steer the progress that finally delivery is in time, in
budget and with sufficient quality.
Also in this area, there is a lot of parallelism with other management activities. All is about
delegating, measuring and being ahead of the team.


For success, it is vital that the project management is handed over not only the task but
also the responsibility. In case one is missing, it will turn out more difficult to achieve
excellent results. Also the learning curve will be massively slowed down as automatically
learning by negative examples develops but positive learning by success drops out.
This principle is not only the basis for the management but also for ale roles within the
This interaction of on one hand methods and tools and on the other hand frame conditions
makes not only successful project management but also that organizations further develop along with it.
A project can be considered in the end as a “passing through a desert”. Once you have made it with your project team, you have learned a lot for your daily business with your own permanent team. Exactly that is the above mentioned internal development.

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Author: Andrea Maier